The Odyssey Series

A typography oriented book series that brings together three books by different authors that have no relation other than theme. Hand picked, the books consist of:

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Hunter S. Thompson
Angels and Demons - Dan Brown
The Raw Shark Texts - Steven Hall

The series is named The Odyssey Series because each book focuses on the journey of one main character and their personal development, though each story line is weird in their own way. Besides personal journeys, each book has their character in a different state of mind. With Dan Brown's book, the protagonist is very methodical and logical in his reasoning, but his morals and beliefs are questioned along the way in various ways. In Steven Hall's book, the main character cannot always distinguish reality from the "un-space" and the reader is taken along a journey in our own world that has quirks that we don't know about for various reasons and the reader is forced to come to their own conclusions about the puzzles. In Thompson's book, the protagonist is on a journey to find the meaning of the American Dream, but his state of mind is constantly altered by a bombardment of psychedelics and other drugs. 


Early 2012